long beach


Vanessa is a picture of beauty and strength. At just middle school age she ventured across the world and left home on her own to get an education here in California. And now as a college student, she is incredibly independent, smart, and is pursuing her dreams. I loved getting to know her a bit at our shoot in Long Beach for some portfolio head shots ~ enjoy some favorites!

2015-01-05_0001.jpg 2015-01-05_0002.jpg 2015-01-05_0003.jpg 2015-01-05_0004.jpg 2015-01-05_0005.jpg 2015-01-05_0006.jpg 2015-01-05_0007.jpg 2015-01-05_0008.jpg 2015-01-05_0009.jpg 2015-01-05_0010.jpg 2015-01-05_0011.jpg 2015-01-05_0012.jpg 2015-01-05_0013.jpg 2015-01-05_0014.jpg 2015-01-05_0015.jpg 2015-01-05_0016.jpg 2015-01-05_0017.jpg 2015-01-05_0018.jpg 2015-01-05_0019.jpg 2015-01-05_0020.jpg 2015-01-05_0021.jpg 2015-01-05_0022.jpg