I am still wrapping my mind aroud this.... that I am sitting here writing Montana's senior pictures blog post.

First off ~ she is my little cousin. As in, I remember her being the teeny little sassy 3 year old like it was yesterday. Second ~ just a few short years ago, I was sitting in a classroom with her as her 7th grade English teacher. (Now that seems like it was a different lifetime ago!) It just amazes me how life can change to dramatically in such a short amount of time. I could have never imaged that in the blink of an eye she would be preparing for college, and I would be the photographer behind the lense capturing this season of life for her!


What is no surprise to me, though, is what an incredible young woman she has become. She has always been so mature & wise beyond her years. She is so full of life and just exudes joy! She has an eye for creativity. She is incredibly driven & confident. And she knows no strangers.

I feel SO spoiled to call this girl family!

Ohh....AND she is incredibly beautiful in every sense of the word.

2015-01-22_0001.jpg 2015-01-22_0002.jpg 2015-01-22_0003.jpg 2015-01-22_0004.jpg 2015-01-22_0005.jpg 2015-01-22_0006.jpg 2015-01-22_0007.jpg 2015-01-22_0008.jpg 2015-01-22_0009.jpg 2015-01-22_0010.jpg 2015-01-22_0011.jpg 2015-01-22_0012.jpg 2015-01-22_0013.jpg 2015-01-22_0014.jpg 2015-01-22_0015.jpg 2015-01-22_0016.jpg 2015-01-22_0017.jpg 2015-01-22_0018.jpg 2015-01-22_0019.jpg 2015-01-22_0020.jpg 2015-01-22_0021.jpg 2015-01-22_0022.jpg 2015-01-22_0023.jpg 2015-01-22_0024.jpg 2015-01-22_0025.jpg 2015-01-22_0026.jpg