I am still wrapping my mind aroud this.... that I am sitting here writing Montana's senior pictures blog post.

First off ~ she is my little cousin. As in, I remember her being the teeny little sassy 3 year old like it was yesterday. Second ~ just a few short years ago, I was sitting in a classroom with her as her 7th grade English teacher. (Now that seems like it was a different lifetime ago!) It just amazes me how life can change to dramatically in such a short amount of time. I could have never imaged that in the blink of an eye she would be preparing for college, and I would be the photographer behind the lense capturing this season of life for her!


What is no surprise to me, though, is what an incredible young woman she has become. She has always been so mature & wise beyond her years. She is so full of life and just exudes joy! She has an eye for creativity. She is incredibly driven & confident. And she knows no strangers.

I feel SO spoiled to call this girl family!

Ohh....AND she is incredibly beautiful in every sense of the word.

2015-01-22_0001.jpg 2015-01-22_0002.jpg 2015-01-22_0003.jpg 2015-01-22_0004.jpg 2015-01-22_0005.jpg 2015-01-22_0006.jpg 2015-01-22_0007.jpg 2015-01-22_0008.jpg 2015-01-22_0009.jpg 2015-01-22_0010.jpg 2015-01-22_0011.jpg 2015-01-22_0012.jpg 2015-01-22_0013.jpg 2015-01-22_0014.jpg 2015-01-22_0015.jpg 2015-01-22_0016.jpg 2015-01-22_0017.jpg 2015-01-22_0018.jpg 2015-01-22_0019.jpg 2015-01-22_0020.jpg 2015-01-22_0021.jpg 2015-01-22_0022.jpg 2015-01-22_0023.jpg 2015-01-22_0024.jpg 2015-01-22_0025.jpg 2015-01-22_0026.jpg

Amanda & Cameron


Calamigos Ranch, Malibu CA Wedding

We had been looking forward to Amanda & Cameron's wedding for almost a year... for lots of reasons.

First of all, Amanda is a cousin of Lisa's by marriage!  She and her mom came to meet with us almost a year back to discuss their wedding photography.  They had found their gorgeous venue while just having lunch at the famous Calamigos Ranch Malibu Cafe ~ and decided that one day, this was where Amanda would get married.

And after seeing it in person, we can see why!   This place is one of the most gorgeous venues we have ever seen ~ with a very glamorous country feel to it.   The soft colors, burlap & lace touches Amanda added went so beautifully with the natural decor all around.

She and Cameron are so incredibly sweet together ~ and the smile Amanda has when she is with him is so contagious!  Their wedding was not only stunning, but so tender.  I'm pretty sure Lisa & I were both tearing up often throughout the day!

We had so much fun with them and were SO very honored they chose us to document their day!

Enjoy some of our favorites!!

IMG_7133IMG_4712IMG_4705IMG_7233IMG_7238IMG_7246IMG_7277-2Sickle WeddingIMG_7351IMG_7356IMG_7347IMG_7420Sickle Wedding3IMG_7514IMG_7477IMG_7598IMG_7601IMG_8419IMG_8463IMG_9244IMG_9227IMG_9237IMG_9380IMG_9258IMG_8560IMG_8573IMG_8577 IMG_8533IMG_7484Sickle Wedding2IMG_5527IMG_5525Sickle Wedding1IMG_5346IMG_5386IMG_5404IMG_5379IMG_5424IMG_5448IMG_7937IMG_7947IMG_7960IMG_8009IMG_7991


IMG_9305IMG_7854IMG_8117IMG_8280IMG_8198IMG_8202IMG_8304IMG_5604Sickle Wedding4IMG_5610IMG_5651IMG_5686IMG_8483IMG_8477IMG_8480 IMG_8768IMG_8862IMG_8883IMG_8930IMG_8946IMG_8957IMG_9007IMG_8970IMG_8991IMG_5904IMG_9002IMG_5660IMG_5947IMG_5955IMG_9039IMG_9064IMG_9052IMG_9044IMG_9057IMG_6031IMG_5999







Venue:   Calamigos Ranch, Malibu, CA

Kevin & Melissa

Kevin & Melissa had their beautiful, country themed wedding at the horse ranch turned wedding venue , Quail Haven Farms in Vista, CA.

This venue is completely adorable ~ with rustic wood archways, and garden-like trails guiding guests from the ceremony site to the reception.

Melissa & Kevin opted to not see each other before the ceremony, which we are seeing more and more of.  And their 'first look' was what every woman wants on her wedding day ~ just awe & joy!  Their sweet ceremony with individually written vows was followed by a swoon worthy backyard style celebration.  There was all kinds of dancing, a cigar lounge area, and even ice cream bars passed out for dessert!

We were incredibly honored to have been the ones to capture their day ~ especially considering Melissa was one of Lisa's closest childhood friends!(#4Star ~ she knows what we mean..)  ;)

Melissa & Kevin are just a BLAST together ~ always laughing & having fun.  Just best friends in love.

Here are a few of our favorites!

IMG_0103-2MK BLOG14MK BLOG1IMG_0137-2IMG_0130-2

IMG_4811IMG_2548-2IMG_2579IMG_2652MK BLOG13MK BLOGIMG_3151IMG_3145MK BLOG2

IMG_2771IMG_2743IMG_2855IMG_2873IMG_3129IMG_3177IMG_3190IMG_3246IMG_3186IMG_0076IMG_0067 MK BLOG4MK BLOG3IMG_0032-2IMG_0048-2IMG_3424IMG_3441IMG_3430IMG_3460IMG_3265


IMG_0088-3IMG_3627MK BLOG15



IMG_5433IMG_5482MK BLOG5IMG_3786IMG_3794IMG_3846MK BLOG6IMG_3859IMG_3893IMG_3937IMG_3970IMG_4014IMG_4017

IMG_0409-3IMG_0431-3IMG_0427-2MK BLOG7IMG_4057

IMG_4095-2IMG_4073IMG_4148-2IMG_2967-2IMG_2957IMG_2965IMG_3008IMG_4156IMG_0049MK BLOG9MK BLOG10MK BLOG11IMG_4309IMG_4364IMG_4369IMG_0642MK BLOG12IMG_0514-2IMG_0503-2IMG_0501-2IMG_0557IMG_4466IMG_4424IMG_5764IMG_6109IMG_6116

Venue:  Quail Haven Farms

Second Shooter:   Erica Streelman Photography

Hair/Makeup:  Mary Jane Zondervan

Tyler & Christina

Hands down one of the best parties we have been to ~ a true celebration!  The whole vibe of the day was just excitement & joy...exactly what a wedding should be!

One of the fun parts about the "post processing" (as we call it) of a wedding is getting to go through the images and relive it ~ and I was literally smiling the entire time as I sorted through their wedding photos.   Tyler's HUGE smile in every photo is contagious!!

Christina had an amazing Boho style for herself & her bridesmaids looking STUNNING in Stone Cold Fox.  There were lots of little Hawaiian touches to the day to incorporate her heritage.   And our talented friend, Carly P Design Studio, created so many beautiful personalized signs found all throughout the venue.

The Maya in Long Beach has such a beautiful & unique feel to it!   It sits right in the harbor with a gorgeous view of downtown Long Beach & the Queen Mary.  And to top it off ~ it has it's own HOOKAH lounge!!  So, of course, they had an adorable & inviting hookah lounging area on their upper deck patio!  So cool.

Their beautiful outdoor wedding, with a waterfall as the backdrop, was followed by an AMAZING party.   The DJ (DJ DIK) was INSANELY good!   The dance floor was going all night ~ and we totally joined in.  (not so unusual for us...)  ;)    We decided we want to throw a party just so he can DJ.   THAT good.

So many fun & memorable moments throughout the day ~ and here is just a taste of the goodness!  Enjoy some of our favorites  :)

ctblog IMG_9112IMG_9110IMG_9102IMG_0978-2ctblog2 IMG_1025-2IMG_1161-2IMG_1058IMG_1064-2IMG_1088-2IMG_1144-2IMG_9428IMG_9466ctblog3IMG_1333 IMG_1473ctblog1IMG_1492IMG_1467ctblog4 IMG_9604IMG_9635ctblog5 IMG_9821IMG_9831IMG_9877 IMG_1787

IMG_9950IMG_9954ctblog7 IMG_0785 IMG_1853IMG_2335IMG_1956IMG_2026IMG_0135 IMG_2045IMG_2054IMG_2048IMG_2063IMG_2081IMG_2090IMG_2102IMG_2106IMG_0225ctblog8IMG_2186IMG_2168IMG_2152IMG_2049IMG_2210IMG_2193IMG_2174IMG_2216ctblog10IMG_2245-2IMG_2264IMG_2702IMG_2688IMG_2680IMG_2407IMG_2503IMG_2650IMG_0545IMG_0517ctblog9IMG_2714IMG_0611IMG_2710



ctblog11IMG_2877IMG_2834IMG_2908IMG_2912-2IMG_3038IMG_3041 IMG_2992IMG_3055IMG_3084IMG_3089IMG_0006ctblog6 IMG_0019IMG_0022IMG_0027IMG_3131IMG_1023IMG_0934IMG_3253IMG_1151IMG_3445-2IMG_3453IMG_3460IMG_3564IMG_3387IMG_3399IMG_3575IMG_0432

Venue:  the Maya, Long Beach, CA

Coordinator:  Candice Sanders, Events by Candice

Florist:  Jenelle Sell

Cake:  Rossmoor Pastries

Hair:  Miranda Pierre

Makeup:  My Girls on Film Studios


James & Lauren

Not only was this an absolutely beautiful wedding ~ it is sure to be a beautiful marriage.

James & Lauren are amazing people ~ and we loved every moment of their day

We are so excited to share some of our favorites from their rainy day Redlands wedding at The Mitten Building earlier this month!!









Venue: The Mitten Building, Redlands CA

Florist: Felicity Blooms

Hairbows, Garters & Bowties: JBHandmades

Cinematographer: DP Weddings

To view Lauren & James' AHHHMAZING wedding video click here!!!

James & Lauren's Glam Engagement

I first met Lauren as a model for our Bohemian Wedding Inspiration Shoot

Lauren exudes beauty on so many levels.   She loves Jesus ~ is humble as can be ~ and is so incredibly kind.   She is also SO fun to photograph...(look at the in point.)   So after our our shoot, when she inquired about her own wedding photography Lisa and I were beyond thrilled!

We haved loved getting to know Lauren, and have been playing "it's a small world after all" over and over as we continue to realize how many mutual friends & connections we have!

Lauren just gushes about her hubby to be, James ~ who I just met at this styled shoot for the first time.  And they are completely adorable together ~ and compliment each other so well.

I'm so grateful they allowed me to 'style' an engagement shoot for them ~ they were the perfect couple to make my vision come to life.

We went for a rustic meets glam engagement shoot ~ dressed to the nine's, as they say, in the middle of the woods.

Megan Minnema of Megan's Hair & Makeup did a GORGEOUS job on Lauren's hair and makeup, and Lauren looked stunning wearing Adrianna Pappell and jewelry by Nadri

Enjoy a few (or a LOT) of my favorites!

We are SO excited to shoot their wedding this August in Redlands!!



A Dream Dress up

I am completely and utterly in love with this shoot!!!

Our friend Alyson approached us with the inspired idea to photograph our precious girls in our wedding gowns as a keepsake ~ and while I was excited at the idea, I had no idea how much I would obsess over the turnout!

I can't wipe the smile off my face sorting through the many photos of our laughing, giggling JOY filled girls dancing around in our dresses.   And full disclosure...they were at the very least just as radiant if not more than we were on our actual wedding days.

Hope you enjoy these as much as we do!!



IMG_3640IMG_3627IMG_3629IMG_3604IMG_3515IMG_8526IMG_8646IMG_8700IMG_8718 IMG_3350IMG_3358IMG_3649IMG_3706IMG_3717IMG_3719IMG_3738 IMG_3795IMG_3844 IMG_3869-2 IMG_3904IMG_3913IMG_3936

Maria & Darren


So in love with this wedding ~ and this couple!

Right off the bat we knew we loved them... over a cup of coffee at Starbucks they told us their amazing story about how they were not high school, but JUNIOR HIGH sweethearts!   And how life had taken them different directions for awhile, only to bring them back together years later ~ and this time, for the long haul!  Needless to say...their slideshow was amazing ~ including photos of them together as little teeny boppers.

We had an incredible day with them starting off with a traditional Tea Ceremony that was an incredibly sweet & special event to watch unfold.   Then off to their STUNNING wedding at the Mission Inn in Riverside ~ Which is now one of my very favorite spots.... WOWowow.  So much design, and so much history!!

Every detail was stunning, and Maria & Darren were such a JOY to be with.

We feel so spoiled to have gotten to capture their day!!



AHHH and this reaction from Darren!?!  What EVERY woman wants on her wedding day ~ completely overwhelmed & wow-ed! Love love love!



IMG_0029IMG_0037IMG_0201IMG_0210IMG_0182IMG_1519-2Their Ceremony was held in the GORGEOUS & historic St Francis of Assisi Chapel. Breathtaking.


A dear (& TALENTED) friend of mine (Carly P Design Studio)

who literally 'does it all' (as they say) did the custom signage for Maria & Darren's wedding ~ how cute is this!? IMG_1996IMG_1997







Kimberly & Mark


Sacramento, CA Meadow Wedding

Of course, the only day it rained in weeks was on this, their wedding day ~ but they chose to not let it affect their plans or their spirits, which made all of the difference in the world.

They continued as planned with outdoor photos, and were wed in the meadow that is Kim's safe haven ~ where she goes often with her horse Billy to escape the hustle and bustle of life and just enjoy God's incredible creation and the blessing of each day.
It's like a little hidden treasure only a few miles away from the busy downtown city of Sacramento.
She rode in on her horse through the trees, wearing her mother's wedding gown, and met Mark at the end of the aisle of wood stumps.
And as if on cue, the sun came out right as Kim came down the aisle.
They finished their day with a celebration over dinner with close friends & family at the stunning Vizcaya in downtown Sacramento.
MarkandKimWedding-32MarkandKimWedding-26MarkandKimWedding-63MarkandKimWedding-62MarkandKimWedding-60MarkandKimWedding-68MarkandKimWedding-150MarkandKimWedding-161MarkandKimWedding-172MarkandKimWedding-207MarkandKimWedding-218MarkandKimWedding-226MarkandKimWedding-272MarkandKimWedding-332MarkandKimWedding-352MarkandKimWedding-421MarkandKimWedding-472MarkandKimWedding-497MarkandKimWedding-556MarkandKimWedding-558MarkandKimWedding-560MarkandKimWedding-227MarkandKimWedding-675MarkandKimWedding-696Event Coordinator:  Stacey Kitchell
Reception:  Vizcaya