Amanda & Cameron


Calamigos Ranch, Malibu CA Wedding

We had been looking forward to Amanda & Cameron's wedding for almost a year... for lots of reasons.

First of all, Amanda is a cousin of Lisa's by marriage!  She and her mom came to meet with us almost a year back to discuss their wedding photography.  They had found their gorgeous venue while just having lunch at the famous Calamigos Ranch Malibu Cafe ~ and decided that one day, this was where Amanda would get married.

And after seeing it in person, we can see why!   This place is one of the most gorgeous venues we have ever seen ~ with a very glamorous country feel to it.   The soft colors, burlap & lace touches Amanda added went so beautifully with the natural decor all around.

She and Cameron are so incredibly sweet together ~ and the smile Amanda has when she is with him is so contagious!  Their wedding was not only stunning, but so tender.  I'm pretty sure Lisa & I were both tearing up often throughout the day!

We had so much fun with them and were SO very honored they chose us to document their day!

Enjoy some of our favorites!!

IMG_7133IMG_4712IMG_4705IMG_7233IMG_7238IMG_7246IMG_7277-2Sickle WeddingIMG_7351IMG_7356IMG_7347IMG_7420Sickle Wedding3IMG_7514IMG_7477IMG_7598IMG_7601IMG_8419IMG_8463IMG_9244IMG_9227IMG_9237IMG_9380IMG_9258IMG_8560IMG_8573IMG_8577 IMG_8533IMG_7484Sickle Wedding2IMG_5527IMG_5525Sickle Wedding1IMG_5346IMG_5386IMG_5404IMG_5379IMG_5424IMG_5448IMG_7937IMG_7947IMG_7960IMG_8009IMG_7991


IMG_9305IMG_7854IMG_8117IMG_8280IMG_8198IMG_8202IMG_8304IMG_5604Sickle Wedding4IMG_5610IMG_5651IMG_5686IMG_8483IMG_8477IMG_8480 IMG_8768IMG_8862IMG_8883IMG_8930IMG_8946IMG_8957IMG_9007IMG_8970IMG_8991IMG_5904IMG_9002IMG_5660IMG_5947IMG_5955IMG_9039IMG_9064IMG_9052IMG_9044IMG_9057IMG_6031IMG_5999







Venue:   Calamigos Ranch, Malibu, CA