Tyler & Christina

Hands down one of the best parties we have been to ~ a true celebration!  The whole vibe of the day was just excitement & joy...exactly what a wedding should be!

One of the fun parts about the "post processing" (as we call it) of a wedding is getting to go through the images and relive it ~ and I was literally smiling the entire time as I sorted through their wedding photos.   Tyler's HUGE smile in every photo is contagious!!

Christina had an amazing Boho style for herself & her bridesmaids looking STUNNING in Stone Cold Fox.  There were lots of little Hawaiian touches to the day to incorporate her heritage.   And our talented friend, Carly P Design Studio, created so many beautiful personalized signs found all throughout the venue.

The Maya in Long Beach has such a beautiful & unique feel to it!   It sits right in the harbor with a gorgeous view of downtown Long Beach & the Queen Mary.  And to top it off ~ it has it's own HOOKAH lounge!!  So, of course, they had an adorable & inviting hookah lounging area on their upper deck patio!  So cool.

Their beautiful outdoor wedding, with a waterfall as the backdrop, was followed by an AMAZING party.   The DJ (DJ DIK) was INSANELY good!   The dance floor was going all night ~ and we totally joined in.  (not so unusual for us...)  ;)    We decided we want to throw a party just so he can DJ.   THAT good.

So many fun & memorable moments throughout the day ~ and here is just a taste of the goodness!  Enjoy some of our favorites  :)

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Venue:  the Maya, Long Beach, CA

Coordinator:  Candice Sanders, Events by Candice

Florist:  Jenelle Sell

Cake:  Rossmoor Pastries

Hair:  Miranda Pierre

Makeup:  My Girls on Film Studios